Listen Live to FBC Radio

FBC Radio streams sacred music and Bible preaching 24 hours a day in MP3, Windows Media, and AAC+ formats. If you experience any trouble connecting to one of our streams, contact our web-editor. Please provide as much information as possible, including at least the following:

Please choose the stream below for the type of connection you have to the internet. Users that are behind a firewall may need to select the stream indicated for those behind a firewall.

Broadband - MP3 Stream (128 kbps)


- Listen to FBC Radio’s MP3 stream (VLC, Real Player, iTunes).

- FBC Radio’s MP3 stream for Windows Media Player.

- FBC Radio’s Port 80 stream for users behind a firewall. Windows Media Player will not work with this link. The only option for now is to choose the dialup stream link that is for users behind a firewall.


Choose this stream if you have a high-speed internet connection such as DSL or cable modem.

Some Suggested Players:

AAC+ Stream (48 kbps)


- Listen to FBC Radio’s AAC+ stream (VLC, Real Player, iTunes).

Please note that we can only support 25 concurrent listeners on our AAC+ stream.

Some Suggested Players:

Broadband - MP3 Flash Player (128 kbps)

Get Adobe Flash player

Dialup - MP3 Stream (24 kbps)


- Listen to FBC Radio’s Dialup stream.


Choose this stream if you have a dialup internet connection of at least 28k.

Some Suggested Players:
Firewalls and MP3 Streams

Strict firewalls, especially those configured to deny inbound traffic not sent on port 80 (the port used by most Web traffic), may block access to an mp3 stream. If you have a firewall at work that denies inbound traffic from ports other than 80, contact your network administrator for a potential workaround. If you have a firewall at home, refer to your firewall’s settings to make sure FBC Radio gets through.

Listening with Your Preferred Media Player

When you install a media player, you will often see pop-up windows that ask if you’d like to make the current software the “default player,” which simply means the player will automatically launch in the future when music or videos of those types are played. Typically, the most recently installed media player will be the default player on your computer for most media types unless you set it up NOT to be. You can reset these preferences. Just check the documentation for your preferred player on how to set it as the default player.