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Womanhood in Christ
Words: H. T. Spence
Music: Womanhood in Christ | Robert Wilson
1. Christian ladies, heed now to a call for prayer.
In a time of darkness, do you truly care?
Will you take the time for prayer and lift your heart to Heaven?
Sin has damaged womanhood; It is time for prayer.

2. Woman was the tempter in the garden fair.
She did tempt the  man there of the fruit to share.
Fallen creatures now in sin but God has brought salvation.
Through a woman Christ did come. Womanhood repaired.

3. God delights to save us from our fallen ways.
Woman without Christ is truly without praise.
But when Jesus comes within a woman’s heart there’s gladness,
For He brings her back to God. Womanhood is raised.

4. Let us now as women, give our lives to Him.
May His grace grant beauty as a precious gem.
Inner man with meekness true becomes our soul’s adornment.
Consecrated unto Christ! Living life for Him.

Words: H. T. Spence
Music: Robert Wilson
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