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Christ’s Everlasting Gospel
Words: Eliza Edmunds Hewitt
Music: Christ’s Everlasting Gospel | Louis LeSaint
1. Christ’s everlasting Gospel is ringing out again;
His message of salvation is peace, good will to men.
Though sin has hurled its weapons and evil hosts assailed,
The gospel of Christ Jesus has evermore prevailed.

2. Sometimes the sky is darkened and stormy clouds appear,
But still beyond the shadows, the light is bright and clear.
The God of truth has spoken; His Word will never fail.
The Gospel of Christ Jesus shall more and more prevail.

3. The faith wherein is vict’ry in Jesus we proclaim;
Though earthly thrones may perish, still lives Emmanuel’s Name.
Our voices swell with triumph above earth’s threatening gales;
The gospel of Christ Jesus through ever age prevails.

Our King shall come in glory, His conquering Cross we hail.
The power of His salvation shall never, never fail.