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PLEASE NOTE: Not all verses may be sung and words may vary in the particular hymn presentation.

Watch, My Soul, and Pray
Words: Johann Waffin
Music: Seelenbräutigam | Adam Drese
Watch, my soul, and pray; cast all sloth away!
Watch, the tempter’s snares are nearest,
Where the danger least thou fearest,
Such is e’er his way: Watch, my soul and pray!

2. Watch and pray, my soul, flesh and blood control;
When the world, with tempting story,
Points to pleasure, wealth and glory,
Be not led astray: Watch, my soul, and pray!

3. See the goodly land on the other strand;
See God’s people, thither tending,
Through the sea and desert wending,
Led by Joshua’s hand: Seek the goodly land!

4. Through thy pilgrimage, guard thy heritage;
Pray and fight, on Christ relying,
Live to Him, thyself denying;
Onward to the goal: Win the crown, my soul!

5. Watch and fight and pray, through this mortal day;
Soon thy Canaan thou attainest,
Soon thy crown and palm thou gainest;
Peace is won for aye: Watch, my soul, and pray!