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PLEASE NOTE: Not all verses may be sung and words may vary in the particular hymn presentation.

Savior, Who Died for Me
Words: Mary Jane Mason
Music: Savior, Who Died for Me | Daniel Brink Towner
1. Savior, who died for me, I give myself to Thee;
Thy love so full—so free, claims all my powers.
Be this my purpose high, to serve Thee till I die,
Whether my path shall lie ’mid thorns or flow’rs.

2. But, Lord, the flesh is weak, Thy gracious aid I seek;
For Thou the word must speak, that makes me strong.
Then let me hear Thy voice, Thou art my only choice;
O, bid my heart rejoice, be Thou my song.

3. May it be joy for me to follow only Thee,—
Thy faithful servant be, Thine to the end;
For Thee I’ll do and dare; for Thee the cross I’ll bear;
To Thee direct my prayer; on Thee depend.

4. Savior, with me abide; be ever near my side;
Support, defend and guide; I look to Thee.
I lay my hand in Thine, and fleeting joys resign,
If I may call Thee mine eternally.