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PLEASE NOTE: Not all verses may be sung and words may vary in the particular hymn presentation.

Psalm 84
Words: Trinity Psalter
Music: Llangloffan | Welsh melody from Hymnau a Thonau by D. Evans, 1865
1. O Lord of hosts, how lovely the place where Thou dost dwell!
Thy tabernacles holy in pleasantness excel.
My soul is longing, fainting, Jehovah’s courts to see;
My heart and flesh are crying, O living God for Thee.

2. Behold the sparrow findeth a house in which to rest,
The swallow has discovered where she may build her nest;
And where, securely sheltered, her young she forth may bring;
So Lord of hosts, Thine altars I seek, my God, my King.

3. Blest who Thy house inhabit, they ever give Thee praise.
Blest all whom Thou dost strengthen, who love the sacred ways.
Who pass through Baca’s valley, and make in it a well;
There rains in shower abundant the pools with water fill.

4. So they from strength unwearied go forward unto strength,
Till they appear in Zion, before the Lord at length.
O hear, Lord God of Jacob, to me an answer yield;
The face of Thine anointed, behold, O God, our Shield.

5. One day excels a thousand, if spent Thy courts within;
I’ll chose Thy threshold rather than dwell in tents of sin.
Our Sun and Shield Jehovah, will grace and glory give;
No good will He deny them that uprightly do live.