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Psalm 116
Words: Trinity Psalter
Music: Pilgrims | Henry Thomas Smart
1. I love the LORD, because He hears my pleading.
He’s heeded me; through life I’ll call on Him.
The cords of death and Sheol’s terrors bound me;
In deep distress I grief and trouble found.
Then on the LORD’s name in prayer I called;
“You I implore, O LORD, deliver my soul!”
2. The LORD our God is merciful and righteous;
Gracious, the LORD the simple ones preserves.
When I was low, to me He gave salvation.
Turn back again, my soul, unto your rest,
Because the LORD has dealt well with you,
Because my helpless soul You rescued from death.
3. You saved my eyes from tears, my feet from stumbling.
Before the LORD I’ll walk in lands of life.
I have believed and said, “I am afflicted.”
I in despair confessed, “All men are false!”
What shall I render now to the LORD
For all His benefits upon me bestowed?
4. Salvation’s cup I’ll lift up in the LORD’s name,
Vows to the LORD before His people pay.
Observed by Him and precious in the LORD’s sight
Appears the death of all His saints each one.
O LORD, I am Your servant, Your slave.
I am Your handmaid’s son, for You set me free.
5. To You I’ll bring my off’ring of thanksgiving;
With sacrifice I’ll call upon the LORD.
I’l pay the vows I made unto Jehovah
Before His people all. O may it be!
Within His courts, the house of the LORD,
In midst of you, Jerusalem! Praise the LORD!