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PLEASE NOTE: Not all verses may be sung and words may vary in the particular hymn presentation.

Saviour, We Love Thee!
Words: Samuel Trevor Francis
Music: Ellers | Edward John Hopkins
1. Saviour! We love Thee, long for Thy return;
The night is dark, and oh, our spirits yearn
To hear the call out from the radiant sky,
The calling Home, the resurrection cry.

2. This thrilling word that ends this night of gloom,
That binds death’s power, and triumphs o’er the tomb;
When in a moment we shall mount above
And know the fulness of Thy heart of love.

3. Oh, wondrous call that bringeth to Thy side
In unmarred beauty Thy beloved Bride,
To know Thy love, its wonders to explore,
In rapture bow, and worship evermore.

4. Oh, wondrous love! To see Thy face Divine,
To know the whispered joy of being Thine.
Oh, tell me not of glories I shall see,
This is the deepest—being near to Thee.

5. Lord Jesus, come! Thy Bride her Lord would see,
And know the joy of being like to Thee;
So worlds on worlds will see what grace has done,
As long as everlasting ages run.