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The Lamb of God
Words: H. T. Spence
Music: The Lamb of God | H. T. Spence
1. In the stream of time the Sovereign God sent forth His Holy Son,
To pour out His life in death at Calvary.
Roman soldiers nailed Him to the Cross as men did mock and scorn.
Rejected and despised by All! The Lamb of God.

2. For six hours the Holy Son did hang as cursed upon the Cross.
Hands and feet were nailed as thorns did pierce His brow.
Then the sun grew dark, the earth did shake as God did smite Him there.
He died alone in agony, The Lamb of God.

3. He became the curse for all mankind; our guilt on Him was laid.
Man of Sorrows was the name He bore that day.
Yet it pleased the Lord to bruise Him there, to see His soul travail!
He died the death of Hell for us! The Lamb of God.

4. After He laid hold of death that day, they wrapped His body cold.
Placed Him in a tomb as Rome did seal with stone.
But the third day brought great victory; He rose triumphantly!
He reigns in Heav’n, alive fore’er! The Lamb of God.

Jesus died, on the Cross,
Crucified, all seemed lost,
Buried still, in a tomb,
Death was real, filled the room,
But He arose! He arose!
And now He lives to save.
O proclaim, praise His name,
This Saviour will return some glorious day!

Words: H. T. Spence
Music: H. T. Spence
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