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Oh, the Trumpet Sound
Words: H. T. Spence
Music: Oh, the Trumpet Sound | H. T. Spence
1. Oh, the trumpet sound! blessèd hope today!
When our Lord will come and will take away
All the living saints to their home above!
What a glorious day, rapt’rous love!

2. For the Lord Himself will come to the air
Bringing all the dead who in life prepared!
Trusting in the Lord through the ages past.
Yes, they too will hear the trumpet blast!

3. When He comes again bring all the dead
That are found in Him through the blood He shed,
We which are alive will be caught up then!
Raptured in the air, life’s “Amen”!

4. Then He’ll take us all to that glorious place,
Ent’ring Heaven’s gates seeing God’s dear face!
Then we’ll worship Him through eternity!
Endless day of God’s jubilee!

Oh, the trumpet sound!
Will we be found with hearts that watch and pray?
Oh, the trumpet sound!
May His grace abound; for He come come today!
Trumpet sound!

Words: H. T. Spence
Music: H. T. Spence
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