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The Wee Baby Jesus
Words: H. T. Spence
Music: The Wee Baby Jesus | H. T. Spence
1. I’ll sing you a song, a story so true!
About a wee baby who made His debut.
Within a wee town that’s called Bethlehem.
This village so lowly will be just for Him.
No room to be found to lay His wee head.
The manger in stables became His wee bed.

2. His mother was pure, a virgin so fair.
The wee baby Jesus was placed in her care.
Sweet Mary, so young was mother to child,
This wee baby Jesus so meek and so mild.
So lowly He came, so lowly His birth,
This wee baby Jesus did come to the earth.

3. When born Christmas night, the shepherds did come.
They came to the stables, in haste they did run.
They worshipped the child, the wee baby boy,
They thrilled at His birth, this wee bundle of joy.
They knew God had sent the Saviour for man!
They knew this wee baby was part of His plan.
4. The story then tells of wise men who came.
They looked for the wee king, but knew not His name.
They traveled from East, they traveled so far,
They followed the wee king’s illustrious star.
It led to the house where wee Jesus lay.
They gave Him rich treasures and then went their way.
5. This story now told was part of God’s plan
Yet wee baby Jesus grew up to be man.
From Bethlehem town to dark Calvary
This precious wee Jesus did die on the tree.
He died for my sins! He now lives for me!
And one day I’ll be with Him eternally.

Words: H. T. Spence
Music: H. T. Spence
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