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That Glorious Day Is Drawing Nigh
Words: From The Cluster of Spiritual Songs, by Jesse Mercer (1769-1841)
Music: Zion’s Light | In Davisson’s Supplement to the Kentucky Harmony, 1820; Published in Harmonia Sacra, being a Compilation of Genuine Church Music, and Originally Published in 1832
1. That glorious day is drawing nigh,
When Zion’s light shall come;
She shall arise and shine on high,
Bright as the morning sun.

2. The north and south their sons resign,
And earth’s foundations bend;
Cloth’d as a bride, Jerusalem
All glorious shall descend.

3. The king who wears the splendid crown,
The azure’s flaming bow;
The holy city shall bring down,
To bless His church below.

4. When Zion’s bleeding, conqu’ring King,
Shall sin and death destroy,
The morning stars shall join to sing,
And Zion shout for joy.