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How Pleasant Thus to Dwell Below
Words: Anonymous
Music: Parting Hymn | Abraham D. Merrill in Harmonia Sacra, being a Compilation of Genuine Church Music, and Originally Published in 1832
1. How pleasant thus to dwell below
In fellowship of love;
And though we part, ’tis bliss to know
The good shall meet above.
2. Yes, happy thought! when we are free
From earthly grief and pain;
In heav’n we shall each other see,
And never part again.

3. The children who have love the Lord
Will hail their teachers there,
And teachers gain the rich reward
Of all their toil and care.

4. Then let us each, in strength divine,
Still walk in wisdom’s ways:
That we, with those we love, may join
In never-ending praise.

Oh, that will be joyful, joyful, joyful!
Oh, that will be joyful
To meet and part no more.
On Canaan’s happy shore,
And sing the everlasting song
With those who’ve gone before.