Hymn Information

PLEASE NOTE: Not all verses may be sung and words may vary in the particular hymn presentation.

Words: C. F. Warren
Music: Yielded | Robert Harkness
1. Lowly and humbly, Lord, here I bow,
Contrite and broken, help me just now;
Patient and still, Lord, O let me be
Fitted for service, cleansed, Lord, by Thee.
2. At Thy blest feet, Lord, teach me, I pray,
Guide ev’ry step, Lord, all thro’ this day;
Safe in Thy keeping, ever secure,
Send from above, Lord, strength to endure.
3. Keep ev’ry tho’t, Lord, in Thy control,
Let Thine own presence now fill my soul;
Self on the altar, yielded to Thee,
Jesus, my Saviour, faithful to be.
4. Ready and willing Thee to obey,
Silent, if need be, have Thine own way;
In full submission all do I give,
Nothing withhold, Lord, in me now live.

Yielded, Lord, to Thee, Yielded, Lord, to Thee;
Wholly Thine, forevermore,
Yielded, yielded, yielded, Lord, to Thee.