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God of My Justice
Words: Psalm 4; Ainsworth Psalter, 1612
Music: Ainsworth Psalter Tune for Psalms 1, 68, 4, 11, and others | Ainsworth Psalter, 1612
1. God of my justice, when I call, me answer in distress.
Thou mad’st me room’th, shew grace to me, and hear Thou my request.
“Mens sonnes, how long shall my glorie to ignominie be;
Will ye love vanity, Selah, will ye seek falsitie?”

2. Thou givest joy unto my heart more than the time wherein
Their corn and also their new wine have multiplied been.
In peace togither lay me down, and also sleep will I;
For thou, Lord, will alone me seat in confident safetie