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A Hardened Heart
Words: H. T. Spence
Music: A Hardened Heart | H. T. Spence
1. God’s own Son left the glories of Heaven, 
Took on flesh and the nature of man. 
Then at Calv’ry His life blood was given. 
I must hear it again and again! 

2. Brokenness is the spirit of Calv’ry; 
Daily hearing the Word mixed with faith. 
Hardened heart, that’s the danger before me. 
Grace must conquer through truth every day. 

3. Found in Him, what a wondrous salvation; 
But the cry of neglect is so real. 
Bitterness can destroy His redemption. 
Oh, my deep heart, it must be revealed.

Keep me Oh, God from a hardened heart! 
May Thy rich Word daily grace impart!
Chastise my soul, let pride and self depart! 
Oh God keep me from a hardened heart!

Words: H. T. Spence
Music: H. T. Spence
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