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’Tis the Most Blest and Needful Part
Words: Christian Renatus von Zinzendorf (verse 1); Christian Gregor(verses 2–3)
Music: Worship | Adopted at Herrnhut; C. Gregor Choralbuch (1784)
1. ’Tis the most blessed and needful part to have in Christ a share,
And to commit our way and heart unto His faithful care;
This done, our steps are safe and sure, our hearts’ desire rendered pure,
And naught can pluck us from His hand, which leads us to the end.

2. Naught in this world affords true rest but Christ’s atoning blood.
This purifies the guilty breast, and reconciles to God.
Hence flows unending love to Him who came lost sinners to redeem,
And Christ our Savior now appears daily to us more dear.

3. My lasting joy and comfort here is Jesus’ death and blood;
I with this passport can appear before the throne of God.
Admitted to the realms above, I then shall see the Christ I love,
Where countless pardoned sinners meet adoring at His feet.