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For Our Transgressions
Words: Christian Ignatius LaTrobe and Paul Gerhardt
Music: Saxony | Johann Daniel Grimm’s Chorale Book
1. For our transgressions Thou wast wounded,
Our sins, O Lord, on Thee were laid;
Thy sufferings, O what love unbounded,
For guilty man the debt have paid:
With humble thanks we now adore Thee;
Thy cross our glory shall remain;
Yet oft ashamed we weep before thee,
That we by sin the Lord have slain.

2. O may Thy love be ever dwelling within my heart
Alone enthroned, all other love but Thine expelling,
That love which for my sins atoned;
Now Jesus, only, be my treasure,
My joy, my crown while life shall last;
None else on earth shall yield me pleasure,
None else in heav’n, when earth is past.