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PLEASE NOTE: Not all verses may be sung and words may vary in the particular hymn presentation.

Lord Christ Jesus, Our Salvation
Words: John Hus
Music: Jesus Christus, unser Heiland | 15th Century Plainsong
1. Lord Christ Jesus, our salvation,
Every sinner’s vindication,
Gave us bread in His remembrance
As a sacrifice in semblance.

2. O that bread of Yours, how holy,
Which, Christ Jesus, You are solely!
Bread, a food so elemental,
Yet supremely sacramental.

3. This is gift of sweetest savor,
Feast bestowed by heaven’s favor,
Miracle and meal in union,
Wondrous grace of our communion.

4. Hail, O form of God made human,
Who God’s unity illumine;
Each takes pleasure in Your being
Who through eyes of faith is seeing.

5. No mere bread, but Mediator—
God and man, our Liberator
While on cross You hung suspended
Till your life in flesh had ended.

6. Not enhanced by consecration,
Unconsumed, without mutation,
Parted not though bread be broken,
You bear Godhood’s every token.

7. Worthy to be angels’ victual,
Model for the saints’ committal,
You the New Law validated
Whom the Old had intimated.

8. O most wholesome balm of healing,
All our debt to sins repealing,
Feed us; set us free from evil;
Lead us in Your light primeval.

9. O what wonders You have rendered
Who, O Christ, Your Self have tendered
Through Your symbols of redeeming,
Wine and break in likeness seeming.

10. Bread and wine convey Your presence
As a mystery in essence.
Yours be praise and adoration
Unto every generation! Amen.