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Christ Was Born on Christmas Day
Words: 14th Century Germany
Music: Resonet In Laudibus | 14th Century Germany
1. Christ was born on Christmas Day,
Wreathe the holly, twine the bay;
Christus natus hodie (Christ is born today);
The Babe, the Son, the Holy One of Mary.

2. He is born to set us free,
He is born our Lord to be,
Ex Maria Virgine (Of the Virgin Mary),
The God, the Lord, by all adored forever.

3. Joseph dearest, Joseph mine,
Help me cradle the Child divine;
God reward thee and all that’s thine in Paradise.
So prays the Mother Mary.

4. Gladly, dear one, lady mine,
Help me cradle this Child of Thine:
God’s own light on us both shall shine in Paradise.
As prays the Mother Mary.

He came among us at Christmastide in Bethlehem;
Men shall bring Him from far and wide love’s diadem:
Jesu, Jesu, all the world this day is come to praise You.