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Christ the Lord Is Risen Again
Words: Charles Wesley
Music: Orientibus Partibus | Medieval French Melody
1. Christ the Lord is risen again, Alleluia!
Christ has broken death’s strong chain, Alleluia!
Hark, the angels shout for joy, Alleluia!
Singing evermore on high: Alleluia!

2. He who gave for us His life, Alleluia!
Who for us endured the strife, Alleluia!
Is our Paschal Lamb today, Alleluia!
We, too, sing for joy, and say: Alleluia!

3. He who slumbered in the grave, Alleluia!
Is exalted now to save, Alleluia!
Now through Christendom it rings, Alleluia!
That the Lamb is King of Kings! Alleluia!

4. Now He bids us tell mankind, Alleluia!
How all may salvation find, Alleluia!
How poor sinners are forgiven, Alleluia!
And through faith may enter heaven: Alleluia!