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Praise to Our Redeemer, Jesus

Music: Praise to Our Redeemer, Jesus
1. Praise to Our Redeemer, Jesus,
Praise to Him Who set us free
From sin’s bondage and its presence,
Judgment in eternity.
String and harp the voice your praises
Shout for Christ from death us raises.
Alleluia, Jesus lives; yes He lives, ever lives;
Hallelujah, life He gives.

2. You who in His name hath trusted,
Bring your thanks and Him adore;
Gaze upon Him, joy or trial;
Cling to Him for evermore;
Though all hell your soul assailing,
Yet His promise never failing
Shall in life or death be true;
Shall be true, ever new;
Faithful is His Word and true.

3. Lamb of God and my dear Bridegroom
Shine into this heart of mine.
Intercede for me my High Priest
Bless me Savior, King divine
Soon I’ll see your face bright shining
With a sinless heart reclining
At your table spread for me
Endlessly, ever free; Hallelujah, endlessly.