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Calvary’s Mountain
Words: American spiritual/folk hymn
Music: Long Time Ago | From The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion by William Walker
1. Jesus died on Calvary’s mountain,
Long time ago,
And salvation’s rolling fountain,
Now freely flows!
Once His voice in tones of pity,
Melted in woe,
And He wept o’er Judah’s city,
Long time ago.

2. On His head the dews of midnight,
Fell, long ago,
Now a crown of dazzling sunlight
Sits on His brow.
Jesus died, yet lives forever,
No more to die;
Bleeding Jesus, blessed Savior,
Now reigns on high!

3. Now in heaven He’s interceding
For dying men,
Soon He’ll finish all His pleading,
And come again.
Budding fig trees tell that summer
Dawns o’er the land,
Signs portend that Jesus’ coming,
Is near at hand.

4. Children, let your lights be burning,
In hope of heav’n.
Waiting for our Lord’s returning
At dawn or ev’n.
When He comes a voice from heaven
Shall pierce the tomb,
“Come, ye blessed of my Father,
Children, come home.”