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My Savior Divine
Words: H. T. Spence
Music: My Savior Divine | H. T. Spence
1. The Lord of Glory came to earth, the arm of God revealed. 
A root in driest ground He came, a tender plant concealed. 
He hath no form nor comeliness, no beauty to be seen 
Of Calvary: Isaiah saw the scene. 

2. He suffered there in open shame, the wounded, bruised Lord! 
Despised, rejected by all men: His love for them abhored! 
But He was wounded for our sins, and our iniquity! 
At Calvary: He died upon the Tree.

3. All we like sheep have gone astray, we’ve turned to our own way. 
And God did strike and smite His Son to pay our debt that day. 
The chastisement of our own peace was placed upon Him too. 
At Calvary: No other death will do!

4. Oppressed, afflicted, slaughtered Lamb! Yet He did intercede 
For His transgressors there that day; e’en for them He did bleed. 
The spoil from His own vict’ry there divides He with us now! 
At Calvary: That’s where our hearts must bow!

He is despised and rejected of men; Man of deep sorrows and grief! 
All was borne by Him, but was mine! Jesus, My Saviour Divine.

Words: H. T. Spence
Music: H. T. Spence
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