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I Will Sing New Songs of Gladness
Words: Based on Psalm 145:1–7 and 144:9
Music: I Will Sing New Songs of Gladness | Antonín Dvorák
I will sing new songs of gladness,
I will sing Jehovah’s praises
Upon a ten-string psaltery.

Ev’ry day will I extol Thee
And will bless Thy Holy Name,
I will bless Thy Holy Name.

Great is God and great His mercy.
Who shall tell of all His greatness?
Who shall His pow’r declare?

My song shall be of praise and honor,
And of Thy glorious acts.
Thy works are wonderful,
Past our knowing.
Yeah, men shall tell of Thy great kindness
And of Thy wond’rous might,
And my voice shall proclaim aloud Thy glory.