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I Will Extol Thee
Words: Paraphrase of Psalm 145; H. A. César Malan (Refrain)
Music: Every Day Will I Bless Thee | James McGranahan (1840–1907)
1. I will extol Thee, O my God,
And praise Thee, O my King;
Yea, every day and evermore
Thy praises I will sing.

2. Upon Thy glorious majesty
And honor I will dwell,
And all Thy grand and glorious works
And all Thy greatness tell.

3. The Lord our God is good to all
From Him all blessing flows
On All His works, His tender love
And mercy He bestows

“Every day will I bless Thee!
Every day will I bless Thee!
And I will praise, will praise Thy Name
For ever and ever!”