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PLEASE NOTE: Not all verses may be sung and words may vary in the particular hymn presentation.

To God We Render Praise
Words: Robert Simpson (Verses 1–2); Frederick William Foster (Verse 3)
Music: Seraphim | Karl Otto Eberhard
1. To God we render praise,
Who grants us new displays
Of mercy all our days;
When Christ, the Son of man, again,
Shall come, the angels in His train,
May all of us who here
’Fore Him appear,
Then meet Him without fear.

2. How great our joy shall be
In heaven, O Lord, where we
Thy glorious face shall see!
We then shall Thee for evermore,
As the Lamb slain for us, adore;
In realms of glory bright,
With saints in light
In hymns of praise unite.

3. Repeat the solemn strain,
Worthy the Lamb once slain!
Let all reply, Amen;
Blessing and power and majesty
Through endless ages be to Thee,
Who us by blood hath bought,
In mercy sought,
And to the fold us brought.