Ways to Listen

You can use our embedded player located near the top of any page on our website (or located at the bottom on mobile devices) to listen to either our MP3 or AAC+ stream. There are also a variety of other options available.

Your Preferred Media Player

Smart Devices

There are a number of apps available for listening to Internet radio on smart devices. Companies such as TuneIn, vTuner, myTuner, and others produce apps which work on iPhones, Androids, Smart TVs, network streaming radio tuners, AV receivers, bedside alarm clock radios and similar devices. Your smart device might already have one of these apps installed, and if not, you can install the app through your device.

Most apps work in a similar fashion. Once you open it, locate the search feature, and then search for “FBC Radio” to find us. Some smart devices feature voice assistants, and you can simply say something like, “Play FBC Radio” to listen to our station.

Many newer vehicles feature these apps and are compatible with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Check with your manufacturer and vehicle manual to learn how you can tune into Internet radio via this method, and again, search for “FBC Radio.”


If you do not have an Internet connection, you may tune into FBC Radio by using our Call-to-Listen number. Call 1-631-856-9734 on any telephone (no smart phone needed) to listen.

Need Assistance?

If you are having trouble listening to our station, contact us for assistance.