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FBC Radio is the campus station of Foundations Bible College & Theological Seminary in Dunn, North Carolina. We are committed to bringing the uncompromising melody and message of sacred traditional music and Bible preaching in an age of the ever-increasing influence of worldly styles and arrangements.

FBC Radio is not a station for Southern Gospel music or "cutting-edge" contemporary Fundamentalist music. The cry now is for a new view of music because the belief is that many churches are “full of dead, lifeless people” singing “boring music” and hymns written 100 to 200 years ago. However, the problem is not the old hymns of the faith nor the music that has been handed down. Sadly, many professing Christians have lost out in communion with God, and today’s leaders are turning to the world’s style of music to animate the lifeless souls. The hope of FBC Radio is to maintain an honorable presentation of our hymns of the faith to bless a remnant of Christians who desire to further their walk with God in an age of compromise.

A fuller presentation of FBC Radio’s position on music in the church may be found in the book Confronting Contemporary Christian Music.

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Listen to thousands of sermons from various speakers found in the archives of Foundations Audio Sermon Library. New sermons are added regularly. Some sermons of interest include those on the subjects of music, assurance and forgiveness, trials, temptation, separation, family, suffering, cults, canonization of Scripture, prayer, revival, the Cross, and communion with God.