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FBC Radio is a non-profit ministry dedicated to maintaining the melody and message of sacred traditional music in its historical song forms and Bible preaching in its uncompromising message. The “Christian” music and its arrangements in our time have been so affected by the contemporary and rock music of the last several decades that few have a discerning ear to know what music truly brings honor and glory to God. The sad reality is that this is not only true of what is called CCM music, but also of that which formerly identified itself as fundamental and separatist. Now, it is the performer who has become more prominent and the arrangement has overshadowed the original composition to such an extent that the Church is languishing spiritually for lack of sound music. There remains the need to preserve the spirit and doctrine of the past in the legacy of the hymns and in the preached Word. FBC Radio exists with this desire and hope, and we continue to monitor our own music as we navigate through the troubled waters of the End Time while waiting for the coming of the Lord.