Hymn Lyrics

PLEASE NOTE: Not all verses may be sung and words may vary in the particular hymn presentation.

Come, and Taste
Words: John Leland
Music: Farabee | From The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion by William Walker
1. Come and taste, along with me,
Consolation running free,
From our Father’s wealthy throne,
Sweeter than the honeycomb.

2. All that come with free good will
Make the banquet sweeter still;
Now I go to mercy’s door,
Asking for a little more.

3. Goodness, running like a stream
Through the new Jerusalem,
By a constant breaking forth,
Sweetens earth and heaven both.

4. Saints and angels sing aloud,
To behold the shining crowd,
Coming in at mercy’s door,
Making still the number more.

5. Heaven’s here, and heaven’s there,
Comfort flowing everywhere,
And I boldly do profess
That my soul hath got a taste.

6. Now I’ll go rejoicing home
From the banquet of perfume,
Finding manna on the road,
Dropping from the throne of God.

7. O, return, ye sons of grace,
Turn and see God’s smiling face,
Hark! He calls backsliders home,
Then from Him no longer roam.

I’ll praise God and you praise God,
And we’ll all praise God together;
We’ll praise the Lord for the work that He has done,
And we’ll bless His Name forever.